Learning the Election Process

Teaching Children the Election Process

Young children can learn advanced concepts, especially with a little help. A writing and illustration process called Holistic Language Acquisition assists children to understand complex ideas, such as learning the election process.

You might say, “This is a subject so complicated it confuses adults. How can kids learn this?” It is possible with the right approach.

The Process Makes Complex Ideas Simpler

Erika Nielsen is applying this approach with books written as fables and illustrations that provide context and meaning.

Nielsen’s book, “How to Become President,” tells the tale of a lion running for president. This book is a fable, an ancient story form that teaches life lessons to young and old. Together, with the right illustrations, the story comes to life. Reading aloud to children aids this process by allowing for questions and answers.

Often, people underestimate the learning abilities of children. Still, even little ones have a great capacity to absorb and understand information, even learning the election process, especially when presented in the fable and illustration approach. Nielsen and others who partner with her in writing and illustrating books seek to complement regular classroom education with such tales.