The Sidewalks Game

The purpose of the Sidewalks Game is to raise popular support for the idea of building sidewalks in a community.  Sidewalks create an environment where people are comfortable walking in the neighborhood, safe from the danger of vehicular traffic.

  • Help people get to where they need to go without having to drive
  • Encourage healthful exercise, such as walking or jogging.
  • Help support local businesses by increasing foot traffic to their places of business
  • Help parents of babies, the elderly, pet owners, and others who feel the need to walk as part of their daily routines.
  • Help children walk to school or visit their friends after school
  • Help those who cannot afford to buy cars to get to work safely
  • Encourage healthier, more vibrant, and more social interactive community development

The Sidewalks Game is designed to be used at a school or a community fair, such as an arts and crafts fair, an Earth Day fair, or any other fair that highlights the issues related to the environment, public health, or community planning. The game has been shown to be a lot of fun for children. While the children are playing the game, the parents who are watching them play can consider whether having more sidewalks in the neighborhood would be something they would like to see in their community, and hopefully will come to support the construction of additional sidewalks.

The Sidewalks Game instructions.

Version 1. – Our Town Map.

Download the Our Town Map and the game pieces.

Print the Our Town Map on a white cardboard poster board. The original design calls for 18” x 24”, but you may use a larger poster board if you prefer. Laminate the poster board in plastic.

Print the sheet with the game pieces and cut it along the lines. You may want to make a few copies in case any of the pieces get lost during the game.

To play the game, you will need:

  • The cardboard map, laminated in plastic
  • Game pieces
  • Dry-erase markers
  • Eraser, suitable to use with dry-erase markers.

You may also wish to print the banner provided, that will help decorate and advertise your booth at the fair.

How to play:

  1. Ask the child to choose a house.
  2. Ask the child to place the house on the game board where he or she would like to live. (For example, some children may prefer to live next to the playground, and some next to the beach)
  3. Ask the child where he or she would like to go to.
  4. Using the erasable marker, the child can draw a line indicating a sidewalk next to the road leading to that destination. If the child needs to cross the road at any point, a pedestrian crossing sign needs to be placed in that part of the road, to allow the child to cross safely.
  5. After the destination is reached, ask the child, “Now, where else would you like to go?” and follow the same procedure.

After the child is done playing, erase the lines and invite the next player.  Allow about 3-5 minutes per child, depending on how many children you have waiting to play and how fast you want the line to move.