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We believe that sidewalks are essential to improving the accessibility of public places, encouraging healthy lifestyles, and reducing the environmental impact of driving automobiles.

The Sidewalks Game lets a child explore a fictional town and design sidewalks routes to get from one place to another safely. The child also learns that a crosswalk sign allows a pedestrian to cross the road in a safe manner.

Playing this game in the setting of a community festival or a town fair creates a favorable public impression of sidewalks and generates public support in favor of building more sidewalks.

The Sidewalks Game Town Map

Sidewalks for Safety Town Map Sidewalks for Safety Town Map–an interactive board game for children–will be available as a free download for schools and non-profit organizations engaged in promoting environmentally responsible, safe, walkable communities and public health. The game initially debuted at a community fair on Earth Day and received a lot of interest from young players and their families. Kids were willing to wait in line for an opportunity to play.

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The Beauty of Writing

The Beauty of Writing

The Beauty of Writing–an educational game that teaches how to write Chinese characters.

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