Books and Games for Teaching Children

Erika Nielsen is a writer and illustrator who writes books and creates games that engage children’s natural curiosity. Children are eager to learn, and the products offered are fun opportunities to introduce them to new words and concepts.

Our children’s learning materials use a holistic approach to language acquisition. This means that our materials integrate visual, auditory, associative, analytical, and kinetic experiences to help children recognize and retain new words and ideas.

Reading a story or playing a game holds children’s attention and stimulates their minds. These are important moments to help them expand their linguistic ability while also entertaining them with a story or activity that teaches them important lessons. Our goal is to provide parents with materials that supplement traditional education and inspire children’s passion for learning.

Erika Nielsen and her partners have produced fun, thoughtful learning materials that help English-speaking children expand their vocabulary. Our other authors write books that  familiarize English speakers who live outside of the U.K. with British words and phrases, and introduce English-speaking children to Mandarin Chinese.

Your children are going to love story and game time with our products. Please feel free to contact us if you would like further information about our educational books and games for children.